BurstNET 将于十一月下旬在西海岸上新的服务器

相信很多 BurstNET 粉丝都收到了这个振奋人心的消息。

BurstNET VPS一直都以高性价比著称 不过线路确实中规中矩 不算快 也不算太慢




Dear BurstNET® Mail List Member,

BurstNET® is pleased to announce the following updates:

    * Softaculous – Now available on all BurstNET® Dedicated Server & VPS packages! Softaculous is an auto-installer for cPanel, DirectAdmin, & Plesk, adding the ability to install 150+ scripts with the click of a button. Details: http://www.softaculous.com/

    * Expansion News – BurstNET® will be expanding to Los Angeles, Califiornia in late November 2010! Initially, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Backup services will be available, followed by Dedicated Server & Co-Location services 2-3 months later!

    * Peering – BurstNET® has turned up peering on the European network to LINX & LONAP, and increased NYIIX peering capacity in NYC to 10G in the US. We are currently working on turning up peering with Equinix in Ashburn, Virginia & ANY2 in Los Angeles, California.

    * Network Capacity – BurstNET® has recently upgraded in October 2010 additional internal network equipment to 10G capacity, to improve speeds and latency thruout the network. Cogent has recently been upgraded to 10G transit capacity. BurstNET® is currently installing Bandcon/Highwinds 10G transit/transport circuits in NYC, Ashburn, & Los Angeles!

    * Bandwidth Allocations – BurstNET® has recently upgraded all standard Dedicated Server bandwidth allotments from 4000GB/month to 5000GB/month. Bandwidth upgrade options have recently been drastically reduced in price, and new options are available for 100TB/month, 1Gbps Unmetered, & 1Gbps Dedicated/Guaranteed. Upgrade options from 100Mbps to 1Gbps port up-links are now available as well!

    * Co-Location – BurstNET® has recently revised all Co-Location offerings, reducing pricing and increasing bandwidth allocations signifigantly!

BurstNET® offers two ways to make money offering our services:

    * Resale Program – BurstNET® encourages the resale of their complete product line. Resellers purchase services at a large discount, which may then be resold to the public, at a price deemed fit by the reseller. Grow without risk, and without the huge capital outlay.

    * Affiliate Program – As an affiliate, you can market BURSTNET® products by placing links and/or banners on your website. You will receive commission for each sale of these products that originate via your referral. Commission paid on recurring revenue, not just one-time payout!